My name is Brad Hahn, I’m a full-time fishing guide at Lake McConaughy.   I was fortunate enough to grow up next to Lake McConaughy, one of the premier walleye fishing destinations in the U.S.  I’ve fished the lake since I was 12 years old, and began fishing in tournaments when I was 15 years old. Since 2012 I’ve had 14 top ten finishes in tournaments at Lake McConaughy.


I came from humble beginnings, my first boat was a beat up 1968 StarCraft, that I got when I was 14, we nicknamed her “the green monster”.  She was kept afloat for several years with plenty of duck tape and JB weld.  Several boats later I’ve upgraded to a 2018 Ranger Angler MS 1880, that gives my clients the safest, most enjoyable experience possible. 

Whether its numbers or trophy walleyes you are after.  I have the knowledge and expertise to provide an exciting experience for both newcomers and veteran fisherman who want to fish Lake Big Mac.